Sunday, September 21, 2014

Bill's Bike Tour; Hamburg, Germany.

In the Name of Science (more on that later), I have traveled from San Diego to Helgoland, Germany. I will be abroad until Oct. 7th. I will try to post periodic updates on my blog while I am here as part of “Bill’s Bike Tour”. Here is my first bike tour post! These are all pictures from my exploring Hamburg on my bike in less than 24hrs.  Read on for part one of my trip to Germany.

German towns seem to have very old churches and important old looking buildings on every corner. Europe’s history and architecture is no match for America.  Although, sometimes the churches look the same. Perhaps I was doing circles.

Maybe I don’t window shop enough in the US (I don’t), but these window displays seemed a bit off to me…
 I saw many beautiful canals and rivers on my bike tour. The canal shown on top was very striking with the buildings acting as canal walls.  Below, I would have jumped into the water if it hadn't looked older than the stonewall itself.

Beer and cupcakes? While it may be satisfying, it’s a bit lame!
This is HAMBURG.
We want to finish our all night rock concert with BRUNCH.
In the same building.
Sleep isn’t recommended in Hamburg – you’ll miss too much.

Part two will be the Hamburg fishmarket and an introduction to Helgoland.

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