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About Bill...

contact me at wjones99 (at) gmail.com

For those who like the more formal approach, here is a very brief bio fill in the blank format:

How I got started: I started competitive swimming at the age of 5 in Michigan.  I fell in love with the water and since then, nearly everything I do involves water in some way.  I continued to swim competitively through high school and went on to represent Harvard University at the D1 collegiate level.  After 4 years of collegiate swimming, I made the transition to triathlon.  I am currently working on my Ph.D. in Biological Oceanography at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC-San Diego.  I study marine fish populations (past and present) and how climate and weather events impact them.

Favorite secret training workout: 8 x 1000 y swim on 12min.

Keys to my success: I love what I do and I have a twin brother.

Favorite Meal: Post long-ride waffles with peanut butter and banana. Edit: Waffles has recently been replaced by french toast grilled in the waffle iron. AMAZING. A French waffle?

Non-Triathlon Athletic Achievements: Competed at the 2008 US Swimming Olympic Trials and 2008 and 2009 D1 NCAA Swimming Championships. 2006 YMCA National Champion. 8 and under 25 backstroke MI state record.  200y butterfly PR: 1:43:23.

Non-Triathlon related talents: www.jonesfishcarving.com


For those who like lists:

The Fish Ear” explained. How did this 'webspace' get its name you ask?
1.  I have a mild obsession with fish and most generally everything to do with water.   

2.  I’m a graduate student at Scripps Institution of Oceanography studying Biological Oceanography.

3. I study fish ear bones (called Otoliths).  Otolths are like trees - they have growth rings and from them inferences can be make about how weather and climatic events impact fish growth rates.

Fish Otolith or "ear bone".
4. Fish and marine sea creatures are most often the subject of my art: jonesfishcarving.com (sadly, this website hasn’t been updated for ages. Being a student leave to time for carving.

5. I was a competitive swimmer from ages 5 until I was 21.  Including 4 years of D1 collegiate swimming. I AM the fish.

6. I’m now a competitive triathlete.  The swim portion is my strength.

7. Sustainability and the environment (i.e., save the whales and don't eat all the fishes) is a passion of mine.

If you have made it this far, you should be rewarded.  I therefore present a more creative "Bio Comic":  (click on the picture)

In the Press

2012 Wildflower: 

2013 LA Triathlon:

2014 Sgt. Preston 5k:

2014 Collegiate Nationals:

Race Results:

Irvine Zogtrot Sprint - Feb 9                                                           - 1st overall                
Tritonman Draft Legal - Feb 22                                                      - 4th pro/overall
Tritonman Non-Draft - Feb 23                                                        - 1st overall
March Tri Series - WCCTC Conference champs - March 23rd     - 1st overall
Collegiate Nationals Draft Legal - April 4th                                  - DNF (mechanical)
Collegiate Nationals Olympic - April 5th                                       - 2nd overall
Wildflower Olympic - May 5th                                                      - 1st overall
Encinitas Triathlon                                                                          - 1st overall

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