Thursday, March 14, 2013


Xterra wetsuits launched a new wetsuit last week.  The sleeveless vendetta.
Modeled by yours truly.  It is strange seeing myself on the Xterra website... does this mean I've made it 'to the big time'?   Not quite - I haven't accomplished everything I want to in an Xterra wetsuit quite yet.  Far from it.  Being center feature on the website of perhaps the most prominent wetsuit company in the triathlon industry is, however, quite humbling.  and a bit scary (i'm HiDef)

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tritonman and UCLA 2013 Race Report

I had a couple of expectations going into Tritonman.  A well-run event with TONS of food and lots of volunteers all over the course.  The UCSD Triathlon team did a pretty good job at delivering both of these and more.  I’m proud of you guys!  Shout out to Brooks, the race director, for the best Tritonman race UCSD has ever organized.  While he hasn’t been able to run because of a hamstring injury, he made up for in it by running an awesome event.  Pun intended.  Minus a few rule misunderstandings for the draft legal race and a not very prominent penalty box (yes, there is a penalty box in draft legal triathlon), the event was well run and I only heard positive feedback.  I anticipate next year the event to be even larger.