Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Collegiate Triathlon Season Recap.

I’m embarrassed to say how overdue my races reports are... I have been neglecting writing about triathlon the last couple months.  I haven’t posted about the WCCTC collegiate conference championships in Cal-poly, Collegiate nationals draft legal, Olympic, and the draft legal relay, the Fearless F1 super sprint, Wildflower, the first two TCSD summer aquathlons, and most recently, the Monroe EDR draft legal race.  So feel free to stop reading right now.  This isn’t going to be short – I’ll cover most of these races (but not all)For your convenience I’ll break it down by race.


Lets start with the biggest challenge and, arguably my biggest accomplishment of the season.  Of course I mean the TCSD aquathlon series.  These ARE a big deal.