Monday, April 7, 2014

The SHIV of Bill Jones

The SHIV of Bill Jones

Written by: Guy in the Elevator, Fri Apr 4 2014
Added: Mon Apr 7 2014

Bill Jones who is part of the UCSD Triathlon Team is getting ready for the 2014 Collegiate National Championships.  We ran into Bill and his fast customized dialed SHIV in the hotel elevator the day before the big race. We snapped some quick close-up shots before he had to get off on the 4th floor.  We are not even sure he noticed.  He was busy looking at his bike. 

Bill Jones rides a Specialized Shiv.

Bill will be carrying two bottles on race day.  Temperatures may reach the upper 80s, so two bottles is a good idea. 

Bill races with a GARMIN 500 attached to a custom mount that appears hand crafted from wood and zip ties. Ingenious.

More custom fabrications. Bill’s super low stack arm pads appear to be fabricated from the bottom of his Xterra wetsuit, electrical tape, and rubber bands.

Sram red black derailleur really gets the job done in the rear.


Custom aero disc cover with a SPY Optics logo.

More sponsor real-estate on the thick downtube with custom matte black stripes.

Flat kit housed inside of a water bottle zip tied to the back of his saddle. Aero?

We hope Number 586 has a good race tomorrow.

Betty Design adamo saddle.

Sram red crankset.  Old school dura ace front derailleur with chain catcher. I wonder if he has ever had a problem with chain drop in the past.

A continental grand prix 4000 s 23mm rapped around a Zipp 404 is his front rubber and wheel of choice. There also appears to be a custom valve cover.

Bill’s preferred platform for maximizing power transfer from legs to crank. Looks like they’ve been pushed on pretty hard.

A different perspective.

“RIDE HAPPY” -  A saying we could all live and ride by.

Time to get off the elevator.

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